Engineering and IT

If technical information is an important component of your brand image and needs to be conveyed correctly in multiple languages, you should invest in top-quality translations. A well-written manual, for instance, pays dividends in the form of an enhanced corporate image and fewer calls to the helpdesk.

Our expert translators, who have experience in a wide variety of fields, can make sure that your technical content is as easy to follow and understand in translation as in the original.

Along the way, we’ll eliminate any linguistic ambiguity and ensure the language is precise enough for readers to be able to follow the instructions with ease.

Getting the technical details right

Contact Exacta Translations for precise and professional translations of technical material.

  • Technical manuals
  • Work procedures
  • User instructions
  • Safety data sheets
  • Technical advertising
  • RFQs and requirement specifications
  • Technical specifications
  • Software
  • Instruction videos
  • Product specifications