Consulting services that get you over linguistic hurdles

Life is not just about translations, not even for us. Sometimes you might need advice or help with a specialist task that doesn’t exactly come under the umbrella of translation services, but which still requires input from language experts. This might be about checking that a brand name creates the right associations in different territories or picking key information out of a long text. The Exacta team is here to help.

Checking brand names in other markets

When launching a brand internationally, it’s a good idea to first check that the brand name works in a certain language environment. Send us your suggested brand names, and we’ll check what associations the various proposals might convey in the relevant country. If you want to expand into a particular market, finding that your brand name is considered offensive or ridiculous can be costly. A quick check allows you to avoid the worst mistakes.

Summaries of long texts

Clients sometimes come to us with very long texts that need to be translated quickly. Such texts take time to translate, and this can be prohibitively expensive. So why not let us help by sifting through the text and summarising the key information. Call us to explain what you need to know, and we’ll go through the text for you and pick out the key information you’re looking for – saving you both time and money!

Verbal report on text content in a foreign language

Sometimes you don’t even need a written translation – a verbal summary of the text can be enough. Call us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our translators, who will help you to gain a sense of what the text is about in an online meeting.

Searching for information on websites in other languages

Sometimes you need to find information online in markets where you don’t understand the language. You might be trying to find a supplier in Lithuania, but all the websites are written in Lithuanian. Or you may want to gather information about competitors in Estonia. Tell us what information you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Document service

If you need a document to be notarised by a Notary Public or to have documents legalised by the Foreign Ministry or an embassy, Exacta can help. Being based in Stockholm, we can deal with the matter on your behalf – smoothly, easily and without any fuss.


For countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, the document does not need to be authenticated by the country’s consulate/embassy

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– all that is required is an apostille from a Notary Public. An apostille for a translation certifies who translated the document and that the translator has the necessary authorisation to perform this type of translation. In Sweden, only a Notary Public can issue an apostille.

Legalising by the Foreign Ministry or an embassy

A legalisation certifies that a signature, stamp or seal on a Swedish document is genuine, and in what capacity the signatory has put their signature to it.

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The legalisation is issued by the Foreign Ministry or in some cases by a Swedish embassy abroad. In a second step, the legalisation document often also has to be certified by the embassy or consulate in Sweden that represents the country in which the translation will be used.

Getting a signature notorised

Getting a signature notarised involves a Notary Public witnessing the translator’s signature and certifying that the translator genuinely is authorised.

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A Notary Public can never certify that the translation itself is correct – they are certifying the translator’s statement to that effect.

Don’t let linguistic hurdles get in your way

Contact Exacta and tell us what linguistic hurdles you want to get over. We’re here to help.