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Proofreading and editing

Need help with checking or improving a text you’ve written? Will you be presenting it in a context that requires the text to be clear and correct, or even to meet certain formal requirements? If so, we can work on your text so that it communicates better with your target audience, whether you’re writing in EnglishSwedish or another language.

When you contact us, we’ll go through the specifics of your job, looking at how we can refine your text based on your aims and target audience. We can take on articles, blog texts, press releases, publications, reports and so on, making sure that they are fit for purpose.

Types of language review from Exacta

Language review comes in many guises, with names such as proofreading, checking, editing and more colloquial expressions such as polishing a text. Language review is the collective name, and it can be done at different levels.


Proofreading involves checking spelling and grammar, as well as correcting errors in meaning, typos and incorrect hyphenation. This service is usually employed at the end of the process, once the text is fully formed, as a final check before it can be published or presented in some other way. Note that a text can be entirely correct grammatically but still difficult to read, with poor flow and the wrong choice of words for the target audience.

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Proofreading is not meant to change the structure and style of the text. If you want checks on whether the paragraphs are arranged in a logical order, or that the register and style of the text are suitable for the target audience, you need our more comprehensive text editing service instead.


Editing takes into account the text’s purpose and aim, adding a stylistic review to the proofreading to make sure the text is well written, clear, easy to read and suitable for the target audience. We may need to rearrange the text and improve the structure, replace headings and delete or add paragraphs, subheadings and so on. We can also check for inconsistent use of terms or the accuracy of page references and tables of content.

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Texts that might benefit from this type of review include scientific articles written by a non-native speaker or by multiple authors with different styles and language abilities. As a result, the text may need to undergo linguistic and stylistic adjustments, not least to meet the formal requirements for publishing in scientific journals.

Editing can also be useful for texts by an inexperienced writer who may be an expert in their field, but needs help to make the text more readable and give it more of a marketing edge.

Texts mostly require this type of language review.

Rewriting and copyediting

A text could require a complete rewrite if the purpose or target audience changes. A medication leaflet written for adults may now be aimed at children, for example. Or an advertising text may have been correctly translated, but can’t be used because the marketing language differs between countries. In these cases, we can get a native copywriter to rewrite your marketing text or a language consultant to turn your information text into plain language that can be understood by everyone.

What does text revision cost?

We can tell you the cost once we’ve been through your text to see what needs doing.  We’re usually able to give you a fixed price, but it can sometimes be hard to predict how much work will be required, in which case we may need to invoice by the hour. You can also give us a budget and we’ll do the best possible job in the time at our disposal.

Benefits of language review:

  • Correctly written texts make a better impression and enhance your image
  • Clear texts save time, because the target audience will have fewer questions if they understand how your product/service works
  • Texts tailored to the target audience increase sales, as your customers understand the benefit of your service/product


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