Förstoringsglas över bok

Proofreading and editing

Sometimes you find yourself with copy, in your own or a foreign language, that you’re not sure is quite up to the job.

Or you may have written your own copy and read through it so many times that you no longer notice any errors.

At Exacta Translations, we can help by reviewing your copy and correcting anything that doesn’t seem quite right – thereby increasing the chances of the text being read by and having the desired effect on your target audience.


Proofreading usually involves checking copy one last time before it goes to press, in order to correct any minor errors or make minor changes. In a typical proofreading project, we check spelling, headings, punctuation, word breaks and that kind of thing.


In an editing project, we review your copy from a style perspective as well as proofreading it. Besides correcting any errors, we suggest improvements that will make the text easier to read and more likely to resonate with your target audience. Allow us to polish your writing!

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