Pussel av landsflaggor

Translations that hit the mark

Different situations and objectives call for different wording. Every culture has its own way of expressing things. And specific requirements apply to every translation project.

We’re aware of this, which is why we work with an extensive and far-flung network of translators and copywriters, all of whom specialize in particular subject areas and writing styles. This enables us to ensure you always receive a translation that’s fit for purpose.

Straight translation or adaptation?

You decide what type of language service you need, and we’ll deliver.

In some cases, you’ll need a straight translation that stays faithful to the original text. In other cases, such as advertising campaigns, you’ll need the translator to craft a text that gets results in the target language.

Certified translator, copywriter-translator, or translator with specialized subject knowledge?

Feel free to ask us for a no-obligation evaluation of your text. At Exacta Translations, we’re sure to have the right solution for your purposes.