Pussel av landsflaggor

Translations that hit the mark

Here at Exacta translation agency, we know that every context has its own language, every culture its own means of expression and every assignment its own specific requirements.

It’s why we work with a large number of translators and writers, each with their own particular specialities. Many of the language experts we engage also live and work in the countries where the target language is spoken and written. In our experience, people who live with the target language around them have a natural feel for its idiosyncrasies and can constantly keep up with linguistic developments.

Other cases might require a deeper understanding of the subject being translated, e.g. how Swedish society operates, and knowing the culture well enough to be able to read between the lines and understand local conditions. We always make sure you have the right translator for every task, purpose, objective, subject and language.

Translation or localisation?

You decide what linguistic outcome you’re looking for. It’s our job to ask the right questions and gather the information we need to identify exactly what you want from your translation. Together, we look at what you’ve had translated before and how you want to proceed right now.

In some cases, you need a “straight” professional translation that faithfully follows the original. In other cases, the final text may require more work from the translator to ensure it is fit for its specified purpose – an advertising campaign, for example. Usually, the need sits somewhere between the two.

What defines a good translation?

A good translation is a translation that achieves what you intended – nothing more, nothing less. When you order a translation, it’s therefore really helpful if you can give the translation agency a steer on what you want to do with the text. Do you want to sell something? Win a court case? Explain how something works? Or get your employees to work in a particular way? A text can be written in so many different ways, depending on the purpose and the target group.

A good translation often comes down to teamwork. It’s about the preparation, being able to explain what you want to achieve, the time available and, of course, what you’re willing to pay. It’s about the translator’s expertise and stylistic talent and also, to a large extent, about the next step in the process – reviewing – and how much the translation team is allowed to deviate from the original text to deliver a product that feels natural. If you have too small a budget, there’s a significant risk that on the day of the deadline you’ll be faced with a translation that doesn’t work.

What translation services does Exacta offer?

Exacta specialises in professional translations, copy translations, authorised translations and proofreading. You can get your text translated to and from all the major business languages, as well as many others. Read more about the translation services we offer here.

Over the years since its inception in 1997, Exacta has translated every possible type of text in the business world – information, marketing, contracts, annual reports, CSR reports, press releases, brochures, online texts, websites, blogs, operating instructions, product catalogues and so on.

Contact us and let us look at your text. We have the right solution for your needs.