Translations in human resources and management

Do you need help with translating key HR documents such as your code of conduct, employment contracts or job ads? Do you work in corporate and organisational development in multiple countries and need to make yourself understood? Or has head office in the US sent over working procedures and performance review templates in English that you need to translate into SwedishFinnishDanish and Norwegian for the Nordic subsidiaries?

You have every right to expect your message to feel current, correct and appropriate for the recipient even in its translated form. We know what makes a good translation that is fully fit for purpose. Sometimes the text doesn’t require much adaptation, but often circumstances are a world away from those of the country where the text was written. That’s why we always ask how the text is going to be used in the new context, before getting to work on the translation.

Translations for multinational companies with staff in several countries
Even in a small company, getting information to everyone can be tricky, even if staff are in the same building and speak the same language. So imagine the challenge of getting the workforce in a large company, with operations in several countries, to pull in the same direction and apply the same working practices. The first step is to make sure you translate your written information into the local languages. Information you can read in your own language is always easier to take in.

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Examples of documents that we translate:

  • absenteeism management
  • business cards
  • business ethics
  • code of conduct
  • conflict management
  • corporate development
  • diversity policy
  • employment certificates
  • employment contracts
  • ethical guidelines
  • HR issues
  • HR policy
  • human resource management
  • job ads
  • job descriptions
  • manager recruitment
  • occupational health and safety
  • organisational development
  • pay agreements
  • pay policy
  • pay slips
  • performance review templates
  • policy for conflict management
  • privacy policy
  • recruitment
  • staff development
  • talent management
  • time reports
  • work environment policy
  • working procedures