Translations of IT texts and software

Do you need your website translated? Or do you have an app you want to sell in all the Nordic countries, so you need it in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish? Or maybe you have a press release promoting the latest in IT or an IT policy to communicate?

IT texts can cover a number of subject areas and have to work in many different contexts. Every purpose requires a particular type of text, and every type has to be adapted to its target audience. A visitor to your website often takes just seconds to decide whether to stay, so it’s essential that you present your information in a way that captures their attention. And an app user needs to quickly understand the information they see on the screen and in the menus.

We know what it takes to get good results

Exacta can help you with translations of IT texts across the board. With over 20 years’ experience of translation in most areas, we know what different kinds of assignment require. You can trust in our expertise and precision, and our understanding of the circumstances pertaining to each job.
Translating is like writing any text – it’s important that the writer knows the target audience and the purpose of the translation. What do you want your text to achieve? Clarity on this makes it much easier for the translator to choose the right wording.

Contact us for a quote. We are the agency to translate your IT texts in a way that clearly and accurately conveys your message and achieves your objective.

We translate most kinds of data, web and IT-related texts:

• apps
• data strings
• data systems
• help files
• IT policy
• IT texts
• software
• text strings
• web texts and blogs