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Translations in pharma and medical devices

If you work at a pharmaceuticals company, you’ll often need to translate patient information leaflets and summaries of product characteristics, or at least make updates to existing PILs and SPCs. If you’re running clinical trials, you may also need to translate consent forms and medical records. All this demands high levels of accuracy and clarity, not to mention compliance with statutory regulations.

As a purchaser of translations and updates, you want a supplier you can trust – one that you know is meticulous, delivers on time, meets the regulatory requirements and supplies translations in clear and easily readable language.

We speak the language of medicine and science

Translations in the field of medicine and medical technology are our bread and butter. This expertise is reflected in the end product – clear, readable and easily understood texts that meet all the statutory and regulatory requirements. With over 20 years’ experience of working on projects and translations in pharmaceuticals and medical technology, we’ve built up a well of expertise that runs wide and deep.

Here at Exacta, all our medical translators have a relevant educational background and years of experience. In fact, most of them work exclusively with translations in pharmaceuticals and medical technology. We also have well-oiled processes to ensure that the projects run smoothly and produce the right results every time, thanks to effective checking.

You can trust our expertise, our precision, and our commitment to confidentiality in all projects.

Contact Exacta for translations in the area of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Contact us today. We are a full-service translation agency for those who want accurate, quality translations.

We cover most kinds of clinical, medical technology and pharmaceutical texts:

  • After-market information
  • Approvals for clinical trials
  • Articles
  • Clinical material
  • Clinical studies
  • Health economics
  • Informed consent
  • Inspection reports
  • Instructions
  • Journals
  • Labels and packaging texts
  • Letters to/from public authorities
  • Marketing and information
  • Manuals for medical devices and instruments
  • Manufacturing protocols
  • Medical information brochures
  • Patient information leaflets (PIL)
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • R&D documentation
  • Reports
  • Regulations
  • Regulatory material
  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPC)