Scientific translations in the fields of chemistry, biology and the environment

If you need your CSR report translating into English, or your safety data sheets for chemical products translated into Swedish. If you have a research report that needs a language review to tidy up the English, we can help.

– whether you need help because of time constraints or for the sake of quality, because your time is valuable and your English may be good, but not quite up to writing a text that is grammatically correct.

Our language experts are also science experts

Over the years, Exacta has translated masses of texts in the areas of natural sciences and the environment, including environmental impact assessments, safety data sheets and research reports.

We deliver clear, comprehensible and correct texts in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science and geoscience. As a long-established translation agency, Exacta only employs scientific translators with relevant education and extensive experience, so you can trust in our expertise and accuracy. When you need to translate a CSR report to a high stylistic standard or safety data sheets for chemical products that have to follow a statutory template, you can be sure that we have a translator for your specific text.

Contact us today. We are a full-service translation agency for those who want quality scientific translations.

Here is a small selection of what we translate in the fields of bioscience, environmental science, chemistry, biology and physics:

• Environmental impact assessments
• Environmental reports (CSR reports)
• Fact sheets
• Ingredient declarations for food and cosmetics packaging
• Inspection reports
• Press releases
• Product labelling
• Product sheets
• Prospecting documents
• Registration documents in line with the REACH regulation
• Research reports and dissertations (including language review)
• Safety data sheets for chemical products
• Warning texts