PR and information translations

As a press officer or PR consultant, you handle a broad spectrum of information with a variety of objectives. Naturally, you want the information to be fit for purpose and help your organisation to get its message across – something that can be particularly challenging when trying to reach an audience that speaks a different language.

An effectively crafted press release can generate both headlines and column inches in the media, if the communications officer has succeeded in getting the company’s message across clearly. You may also face situations where the world expects a response at a sensitive time and you need to get to grips with the core of all crisis management – presenting correct facts in a strategic manner. As a communications officer, you will also sometimes need to provide internal information about what’s going on in the workplace – how the company is developing, information from management about changes or the direction of the business, and what that means for staff.
Often, all this has to take place in an international setting, where the information needs to be communicated in the local languages. This is where a professional translation partner can be invaluable.

Fast, accurate translations of press releases, guidelines and blog posts!

In addition to being correct and precisely worded, news often has to be presented within a tight timeframe to have the desired effect. Exacta delivers on this by using experienced professional translators who work exclusively on the types of texts they do best – translations that are informative, instructive and persuasive. Exacta’s services are formulated for organisations that need experts in communication.

We help you to translate PR and information material!

Exacta helps both companies with a regular and recurring need for translations and those that need occasional help with one-off texts. And don’t forget that we also offer other services to further refine your texts, including proofreading, editing and layouting.

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Examples of texts that we translate:

  • Blogs
  • Business intelligence
  • Covering letters
  • Crisis management
  • CSR
  • Customer magazines
  • Editorials
  • Environmental policy
  • FAQ
  • Film scripts
  • Forms
  • Guidebooks
  • Information signs for museums
  • Information videos
  • Magazine articles
  • Media management
  • Newspaper articles
  • Online courses
  • Press releases
  • Public relations
  • Q&A
  • Questionnaires
  • Reports
  • Signs
  • Social media
  • Staff magazines
  • Surveys
  • Sustainability issues
  • Sustainability reports
  • Teaching guides
  • Training material
  • Web texts