Translations of websites and other online content

In today’s digital world, there are so many channels where you can promote your company online, not least the big guns of Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Online marketing is a must for practically any company these days, and the need to communicate messages in several languages is greater than ever. Which is why you need a reliable language partner like Exacta to help with your multilingual web content.

Exacta translates web text into many languages

Here at Exacta, we’ve been helping companies and organisations to communicate in different languages since 1997. We’ve seen marketing go from printed brochures and ads in the media to an almost complete shift onto digital platforms. Today, we regularly translate websites, banners, blogs and other online content into a number of languages, including EnglishSwedishNorwegianFinnish and Danish.

Exacta provides sound help and advice on the planning and budget for the translation work in your new online project, or on updates to your existing web texts. We can also adapt the content of your texts for your specific target audience – known as localisation.

Smooth translation process whatever the content management system (CMS)

When translating a whole website, you don’t need to copy out all the text manually – simply export the text from your website into Excel, for example, whether it originates in WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla! or some other platform. Check with your web agency, and they’ll help you.

If the job is to translate texts for a rolling newsfeed on your website, you can send the content – a blog post or press release – straight to us in a Word doc. We’ll then translate it into the language or languages you require. Simply, quickly and smoothly.

Translation for SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (Google Ads) for high ranking and increased traffic

If your aim is to launch your products or services in a different country, you need to translate your website so your customers and other visitors can find it and engage with your message. Having the site in the local language is of course a good first step, but there are other things that go into making a site work properly and rank highly in internet search results. Even if your website is very visible in Sweden, this doesn’t mean it will automatically rank highly in other languages.

When translating your website into other languages, it is therefore important that the texts are linguistically correct and that they contain the words or phrases most used in searches. If you directly translate words, there is a risk of missing out on the search words that your target audience in other countries actually uses. We translate your SEO keywords and the content of your ads in Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Better visibility and searchability drives traffic to your website so that you climb organically up the search engine rankings. And more visitors mean more potential customers.

Quote for website translation

Contact us for a price to translate your web texts. You can call us on +46 8 22 00 44 or email

Examples of web texts that we translate:

  • banners
  • blogs
  • corporate videos
  • digital brochures and web ads
  • e-commerce pages
  • meta descriptions
  • press releases
  • SEO keywords
  • websites
  • and other online content